The Importance Of Feminism In Society

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Feminism today is a social stigma, it should not be. From how I see it, when someone is called a feminist it is often used to insult another, it should not be. Today more than ever, there are millions of people who I would consider feminists and I am happy there are. Feminism is the practice of giving women their God given right of equal opportunity, rights, and privileges that are given to men. Feminism though a practice, is also an idea that will grow and push our society to further successes in every aspect of daily life. Feminism is the same idea that human genders and races strive for, equality. This is embodied in our society in multiple ways in our society through employment, media, and support. Feminism is defined as “a range of political…show more content…
“There are 74.6 million women in the civilian labor force. Almost 47 percent of U.S. workers are women.” (DeWolf 2017) Today, there are more woman in leadership roles in business than ever before. A leadership role in business ranges from a store manager, branch manager, to CEO’s of large companies. Through the modern and correct view on Feminism more business’ and individuals are proud and happy with the results woman are producing in the workplace. With women in the workplace comes the right for equal pay, which is now coming to fruition more than ever, further pushing the equal rights of women. A prime example of equal pay for equal work is the stance Google recently taken on closing the gap between salaries for men and…show more content…
Equal rights doesn’t mean equal rights for just races, but genders as well. A person can not be a supporter of equal rights for black and white people, but not a supporter of women not having the equal rights of men. In order for someone to be a feminist they have to support all genders, races, and ideas. A Feminist is a man, woman, child, elderly person, criminal, teacher, student, and every other individual who feels equal rights and opportunities for all is fair and just. A feminist is someone who wants true opportunity for all, feminists are the people who are trying to push our society to further successes because when we focus on just men working on tasks and challenges we leave about half of the population out of the opportunity to solve the problem, this is horrible because together we can go farther than with just men the more bodies working on a task the more productive it becomes and the chance of a successful completion

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