Desire to Study Industrial Engineering in Operations Research and Information Systems

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My undergraduate years as a mechanical major had successfully provided me a solid foundation in technical areas and quantitative methods. I wish to further develop my skills and broaden my knowledge in Industrial Engineering, particularly in the advanced studies based on Operations Research & Information Systems. By applying cross-disciplinary approach in solving complex engineering problems with specific technical aspects and through analysis of managerial and economic factors, I will prepare myself to serve as an efficient industrial engineer or manager for business in the global arena.
The courses during my undergraduate studies taught me the basic engineering concepts in theory and practice. I chose an assortment of courses which enabled me to find out the various elements of a multitude of Systems, its theory & design. I have learnt Finite-element-Analysis using ANSYS, modeling of mechanisms in Robotics. I particularly enjoyed modeling of feedback control systems to electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical systems due to its cross-disciplinary approach. I have learned to use MATLAB thoroughly, using it in computing solutions and for Robotic programming. With the experience in coursework, I have become proficient in applying various tools like AUTOCAD, CATIA and Pro-Engineer from Engineering Graphics.
During my Production Techniques class, we as a group analyzed various manufacturing processes while interpreting the results of the lab experiments we have conducted. Using MINITAB, a statistical software tool we have generated reports which has demonstrated the effect of certain parameters on the efficiency of the entire operation. While performing this exercise, besides taking the mathematical modeling, I have realized how...

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... that can tune me to the technological shifts. Also, it opens-up opportunities to work on complex engineering systems, besides giving me the pride of having worked with the best people, in my line of interest. I see a possible match with Dr. George C. Runger’s research in Data mining. Descriptions of Dr. Teresa Wu’s work in Simulation Modeling and Systems also match my interest. I am open to work under other professors involving all facets of Information & Management Systems.

I do see that my background lacks knowledge in certain areas. However, my motivation to succeed reflects in my academic preparation, experience, and vision for the future. I believe that these attributes, combined with my defined purpose and eagerness to gather comprehensive knowledge in Industrial Engineering , will guide my success as a graduate student at Arizona State University.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they wish to further develop their skills and broaden their knowledge in industrial engineering, especially in the advanced studies based on operations research & information systems.
  • Explains that their undergraduate studies taught them basic engineering concepts in theory and practice. they learned finite-element-analysis using ansys, modeling of mechanisms in robotics, and matlab.
  • Explains how they learned how important economics and cost-efficiency are in a production system and how the selection of the process holds the key in any complex engineering environment.
  • Explains that a lab-oriented project on machine vibration under the supervision of mr. kiran d mali strengthened their concepts in engineering statistics and optimization.
  • Describes how they gained invaluable exposure to industrial processes and led projects in supply chain management under the guidance of general manager-operations.
  • Describes how the internship experience motivated them to work on industrial processes. they developed an algorithm for "inventory optimization" of the spare parts in the automotive retail industry.
  • Explains that they would like to pursue a masters in industrial engineering with information & management systems. they are interested in learning various techniques in data analysis and data mining to add an extra dimension to their knowledge.
  • Opines that their academic preparation, experience, and vision for the future will guide their success as a graduate student at arizona state university.
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