My Future Career Goal For Information Systems

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Statement of Purpose "The best way to predict future is to create it"- Peter Drucker. I strongly believe in this statement that taking action now can help you shape the life you want to live. I’m a firm believer that you can determine your own destiny if you make your own future. After scrutinizing my interests, past trainings and final ambition, I have realized that a masters degree in Business & Information System will help me to achieve my future career goal in Information Systems. My proclivity is more specifically towards Business Analytics and data science. I see an MS program in the USA as a crucial step towards achieving my career objective because not only it is the birthplace of my chosen field of study but also it has nurtured it for its full growth and continuous development. For my under graduate studies, I opted for “Information Technology” in SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce. During the course of the study I understood the fundamentals of IT through the Programming language and database courses. After my undergraduate education, the strong desire to understand the global business management process and the requirements of the industry propelled me to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Management specializing in “International Business” from Pillai’s Institute of Management and Research. I was endowed with subjects like Supply chain Management and Customer Relationship management, Shipping and Logistics Management, International trade operations and MIS for Global Organisations. At the end of first year, an overseas study tour to China provided an international perspective on business by exposure to the different factors business has to address in their particular environment. The study tour gave us a ch... ... middle of paper ... ...n Technology and Systems appeal to me, my inclination is more in Business Analytics and Data Science. Through BIS program I desire to refine my skills and deliver technology-driven business solutions for global organizations in India to meet their strategic objectives. The program at New Jersey Institute of Technology is suited for my goals as it has excellent and challenging curriculum coupled with the industry exposure. I have found faculties like Mr. Fadi Deek, Mr. Micheal Bieber and their research quite impressive. I believe that to be associated with these faculty would give me a great opportunity to pursue my career in IS. I have also been astonished by the option of Build Your Own Speciality and various research opportunities available at your university for this field. I look forward to joining as a graduate student at Department of Information Systems.
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