Why I Majoring The Industrial Distribution

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Why I Am Majoring In Industrial Distribution
I gradually became interested in Industrial Distribution throughout my education career. When I was applying for college during my senior year of high school, I was having a difficult time deciding between the majors of Business and Engineering. Therefore, I applied to Computer Engineering and was put into Blinn TEAM. Since Blinn was more cost efficient, I declined that offer and applied directly to Blinn College. I completed all of my core classes at Blinn and applied to transfer into Texas A&M. I did some research and asked my fellow students about whether there is a major that combines both Business and Engineering, and I stumbled upon Industrial Distribution. I decided that was the best fit for me, so I applied to that major.
Furthermore, this was kind of funny, because as a kid I was amazed at how Amazon ships customers’ packages in the fastest and the most cost-effective way. As a kid, I remember asking my parents “How does Amazon do this?” and I remember them saying that I will need to major in a topic that will help me understand this process. Every time I ordered an item from them, I would think about the process of obtaining the packages using robots, packing the items safely, and then shipping them off to customers. This is an example of logistics and efficiency at its finest. As a junior, I still do not understand this process fully, since I am currently taking IDIS 240. But, by the time I graduate, I hope to fully understand this process.
Moreover, my personal characteristics such as good analytical skills, being able to adapt to various changing situations, and being sociable, directed me to Industrial Distribution. Being adaptable is very important in this field, becau...

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...dustrial Distribution allows me to pursue my interests in both Business and Engineering, and therefore I chose that major. Also, it will help me to build my personal characteristics that will make me successful in this major. As my education continues, I look forward to learning how manufacturers and distributors maintain good communication and relations, so that the products can be distributed efficiently and avoid problems. If there are problems, I would also like to comprehend ways to solve those problems. In the future, I hope to work for a company such as Amazon, Dell, or Boeing in the field of logistics. These companies depend on logistics in planning and conducting their operations. Since logistics and relations between manufacturer and distributor are critical to the everyday operations of businesses, understanding this will help me in my future endeavors.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they became interested in industrial distribution throughout their education career. they applied to blinn team, which was more cost-efficient, and transferred to texas a&m.
  • Describes how they were amazed at how amazon ships customers' packages in the fastest and most cost-effective way.
  • Explains that their personal characteristics, such as good analytical skills, being able to adapt to various changing situations, sociable, and being analytical, led them to industrial distribution.
  • Explains that they want to learn about how manufacturers like dell and samsung work with distributors like amazon and walmart to supply and distribute their items with a high efficiency rate.
  • Opines that solutions can be provided to alleviate problems in the manufacturer and distributor relationship or the distribution channel.
  • Opines that they would like to work in the field of logistics or sales for companies such as amazon, dell or boeing. they hope to learn how to conduct research and present our findings to womback.
  • Opines that by the time they graduate, they hope to understand what amazed them as a kid, which is how amazon utilizes logistics to process thousands of orders per day.
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