Description of Political Party Preference in our Society

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Growing up, I have always heard my parents discuss their political party preferences on many different issue. There are many differences between the two major political parties Democratic and Republican. Each one of those parties has their own beliefs and they can be similar, but some may be different in many different issues. With time, personal experience, and with reading on many different issues, I have realized that I am more of a liberal democrat and not a conservative republican. I looked at each parties beliefs on the issues of welfare, abortion, gun control, education and defense spending. .


As a Democrat, I am support our current welfare system. I believe in helping the needy and increasing minimum wage. The Republicans policies do not benefit the poor. They think by giving the poor we are making an entitlement state. The republicans believe that increasing business opportunity for people to prosperous in small business. The republicans believe in strong business and productive careers. These Strong and productive careers will allow poor people to improve their life.

I believe that our middle class needs to grow and we, as a society, need to help the less fortunate to make it in this difficult world. This is one of the reasons that I am a democrat.


I am Democrat and I believe the woman’s right to choose. The debate on abortion generally focuses on when human life begins. The courts often focus on ‘viability’, the point at which the fetus could survive outside the world. The currently law states that viability begins at about 6 months of pregnancy. I believe strongly and unequivocally support Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe ...

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...nd do not want to mess it up. I am conservative in gun control because it is wise for people who bring concealed weapons with themselves to defend themselves from criminals or terrorists. I am conservative in defense spending because I want our country to stop other countries when they plan to attack us and harm our people. The political Party I identify with is the Democratic party. On many issue I hold a liberal view.

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