Analysis Of The Democratic Party And The Republican Party

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The United States, comprised of much political diversity, has only two major political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Republican Party was founded by anti-slavery activists on March 20th, 1854, and is represented by its mascot, the elephant. Often referred to as the “Grand Old Party”, or GOP, Republicans favor customs that exude traditional Christian values with a platform based on American Conservatism. As a Christian myself, the values I share with Republican ideals are a main reason I side with the Republican Party. Political ideology holds an important place when determining what to consider yourself as. The Republican Party holds a vision that is established on American traditions of family, community, and…show more content…
There are justifiable criticisms such being, giving help to the poor and needy, which hold strong Democratic views in which Republicans are not always supportive of. Although Isaiah 10:1-4 it tells us to give justice to the poor and that is not a type of political ideology it is the word of God. However, I do not believe in free hand outs. People should not be allowed to take advantage of the system and there should be limitations and particular circumstances that help should be assisted. Republicans believe in limiting the Welfare budgets to save costs for different things, such as if someone is in need of assistance for a period of time and are approved to receive welfare if they are able and healthy the welfare will slowly decrease over time to insure that Americans are not taking advantage of the system. Republicans also believe that cutting the costs of welfare and use access money towards child education will insure that children are well educated and also decrease the amount of Americans needing…show more content…
We create a stronghold of power while dealing with hostile countries, asserting our dominance when needed. We need to be the leader in the world, standing in solidarity with our allies. Our military defense is an area we cannot fall behind, especially now when our freedom and protection is at high risk. The Democrats don’t want to use military force against the ISIS terrorist because they don’t want to admit taking troops out of the Middle East was a bad idea. This ideology is what’s causing us to abandon our closest allies, allowing our enemies to become stronger. Putting military force on the ground is what should have been done a long time ago, destroying ISIS before they influenced many people to join their barbaric cause.
While a single person is not generally 100% democrat or republican, we do prefer one side more than the other. With different views, Americans shouldn’t let differences in thought divide us. Our country was founded on difference in thoughts, ideas, and beliefs creating a country of freedom. I am a republican because of the influence of my family and religious beliefs. I respect someone who was raised different than I was, holding democratic views, knowing that we both have the same goal to change our country for the
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