Political Parties in the United States

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Political parties have been around since almost the beginning of this great country. Although George Washington strongly opposed political parties, and also warned the nation to stay away from forming political parties, the first political parties were formed right under his own nose. In George Washington’s cabinet was where the first parties started. The cause of these parties was simply differences in views. The thought of leaders of these two completely different parties was Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Jefferson started what then was known of as Republican or the Anti-Federalist. On the other hand Hamilton started what was known of as the Federalist Party. Both of these parties formed in the seventeen hundreds. These two parties have evolved into today being known as the Democratic, and the Republican parties. On the contrary one of the largest third party groups, the tea party was formed just recently in the year two thousand and nine. All three of these political parties effect our government today. The Democratic Party has over gone many changes over the years since its creation in seventeen ninety two. One of the biggest changes has to be the change in name from originally being known as the Anti-federalist or the Democratic Republicans to being known of today as the Democratic Party. They did not originally support the constitution and was against large government. The party was formed by Thomas Jefferson, he supported a limited government that reserved much power to the states, and supported the little man of America. One major conflict of the party was the election of eighteen sixty. Before the election the party was split on the issue of slavery. In the election the party was forced to run two candidates o... ... middle of paper ... ...pport reforming requirements for legal immigration. Tea Party members feel that there should not be a path to citizenship for illegals currently living in the country. Also they support increasing funding for border patrol. Likewise they feel illegals that commit crimes should face strict punishment. I feel that Immigration needs great reform. I feel illegals currently here should be deported and have to re-apply before they can return. Also I support stronger boarder protection in forms of walls and personnel. My Party Personally I am a Republican. This is dues to my beliefs and values I tend to have a more traditional ideology. Overall on most key issues I tend to be more conservative. For Example I am prolife, Pro second amendment rights, and anti-gay marriage. In closing I feel that my stand point on most issues is that most similar to the Republican Party.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they are a republican due to their beliefs and values. they are prolife, pro second amendment rights, and anti-gay marriage.
  • Explains that the first political parties were formed under george washington's cabinet. the democratic party and the republican party have evolved over the years.
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