The Democrats and The Republicans: On The Issues

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In the United States we are divided by the left and right side on the political spectrum; even further divided into political parties such as Republicans, on the right, and Democrats, on the left side. These two political parties show philosophical differences through their viewpoints on major topics such as the economy, separation of church and state, abortion, and gun control. Concerning the debate on our economy, republicans generally believe strongly in the power of a free market system, reduced income tax rate, more spending from the people, and less spending from the government. The Republican Party wants the tax rate to not be affected regardless of how much wealth a person has, and wants the tax rate to be reduced in order to create more private spending. According to the Republican National Convention web site, republicans “believe government should tax only to raise money for its essential functions,” such as keeping citizens safe from criminals and maintaining basic infrastructure and national security (Barton). With this being said, taxes should not be increased, but instead decreased, to lead to more spending on the free market and less spending from the federal government. The money the government uses to spend comes from the taxpayers, and republicans believe that those taxpayers have the right to use their money in other ways, such as spending on the free market, or saving it for the future. In turn, the republican idea is that when the taxes on things are lower, the people will spend more, which creates a steady, stable economy. The Republican Party would like to see a de-regulated economy with less taxing and more spending. On the contrary, democratic supporters believe in a regulated economy to help distri... ... middle of paper ... ...onomics/09/us-parties-republican-democrat-taxes.asp>. Skiba, Katherine. "House Republicans and Democrats Debate the Economy - US News and World Report." US News & World Report | News & Rankings | Best Colleges, Best Hospitals, and More. US News, 26 Feb. 2008. Web. 22 July 2011. . "The Differences between Democrat and Republican." The Differences between Democrat and Republican. 4 June 2011. Web. 22 July 2011. . "Religious Freedom." Texas Democratic Party. Web. 22 July 2011. . "Background on Abortion." - Candidates on the Issues. On The Web. 23 July 2011. .
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