Depression In The Military Essay

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Introduction According to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), depression is a mood disorder that impairs both social and occupational functioning. Depression affects the way you feel, think, and executes the daily task, such as eating, working or sleeping. For an individual to be diagnosed with depression, the symptoms must be present for at least two weeks. Also, frequent separations and reunions is a norm in the military especially US Navy sailors who are stationed at sea. Due to the fact that they have to maintain mission readiness and fulfill its duties they at sea, they are always “Underway” for about two to fourteen days or deployment which usually exceed the period of six months at sea. (Black B. C, 1996). This paper will focus on depression among …show more content…

(Bray, R. M. et al 2001), There is a continuous pattern of depression among sailors and military personnel which needs more focus to identify the underlining factors that cause depression and ways to address the issue. Despite the resources, awareness and training embarked upon to identify and reduce depression among sailors, and families, depression can barely be reduced and even when sailors know they are depressed, they refuse to seek treatment to avoid being labeled as weak. What is to be done This paper will systematically review the different depression that is applicable to sailors on sea rotation and examine the different situation that depression sets in, within sailor’s lifestyle. I will also review the outcome of depression on board a ship with the use of PHQ 9 survey filled out by sailors currently on a ship and who meet the requirement of sailors on sea rotation and discuss the

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