Decision Making Process Of Nike

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Decision making plays an essential role to the success of a business in the contemporary business society. Thus, any organization or business that wishes to succeed must be careful in its decision making. For instance, Nike company is always keen with it decision making; it consults considers various factors before making a decision. For example, a business decision that has been made by the Nike organization and has resulted in the great result is the signing of Michael Jordan in 1984 (Beauchamp, Bowie, & Arnold, 2004). This decision was crucial in sports marketing history due to the following highlighted reason. The Nike’s company founder Phil Knight signed this deal for $250,000. However, in the recent interview, Knight revealed that signing…show more content…
For instance, Knight set the good base for the decision-making process in this company. Thus, before any decision is made, the company carefully addresses the following key steps, just like Knight, the founder, to make the right decision that will positively impact this company. For instance, before this company makes any decision, firstly, it carefully identifies a problem or the opportunity available, which is worthwhile. After that, the company determines the significance associated with solving such problem or realizing such opportunity. Secondly, Nike gathers all necessary information concerning the opportunity or problem identified. Thirdly, the company critically analyzes the situation, where the company weighs alternative courses of the action, which are available. Development of options is the fourth key step, which Nike considers in its decision-making process. Subsequently, Nike evaluates and selects a preferred alternative in the decision-making process to ensure the perfect decision is attained (DeTienne, & Lewis, 2005). The last step that the Company takes is acting on the decision, which involves implementing a…show more content…
Foremost, CSR ensures that Nike retains its customer from the society. For instance, the positive reputation if this company for being socially responsible attracts more customers. Subsequently, the Company is committed to the community as well as the environment in which it operates thus attracting more customers to its products and services (Blowfield, & Frynas, 2005). Secondly, CSR plays an essential role in employee recruitment of Nike. The company has the highest number of the younger work force, since they have realized the company’s commitment to the environment as well as benefits of this company to the community. A positive image is another key role that the CSR plays on in the Nike Company. The positive image of Nike helps this company to attract more shareholders around the

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