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Nike Case Study The creators of Nike Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman began in 1964, they used be name Blue Ribbon Sports. Little be known an athlete and track coach at University of Oregon would be on their way to create one of the most well known athletic brands today. At first, they began as an athletic Japanese shoe supplier and then eventually became what we know now as Nike. To this day they are the main supplier of athletic clothing, shoes, accessories today! Nike is one of the top sponsors for athletes, to name a few Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant are all phenomenal basketball players. Although Nike continues to revolutionize athletic wear and staying as number one on the leader board, such achievement wasn’t always there …show more content…

Nike actually was able to complete 3 out of the 5 stages for corporate responsibility, which were Defensive, Compliance and Managerial. They are still taking steps to achieve corporate responsibility strategies that will enhance their enforcement policies for the future. The main reason Nike failed to address corporate social responsibility early on is because they didn’t come up with a solution that would benefit globally. They were so concerned with their reputation locally but worldwide they weren’t known as the best company. Another huge flaw Nike showed was to blame the Third World Countries for their labor laws and minimum pay …show more content…

The many steps to stay a competitive industry began with lowering the manufacturing costs from their less developed Third World Countries because their labor cost was much lower. This gave plentiful opportunity for Nike to mass-produce all of its products. In these countries like Indonesia, China, and Vietnam it’s enormously difficult to “keep track of and regulate the working conditions and wages of factories” Ferrell, Fraedrick, J. & Ferrell (2013) Nike was evaluated on their child labor, harassment issues, poor work environment, and abuse practices. Nike in an effort to fight against the presumed allegations launched a campaign towards child labor and employee

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that nike began as an athletic japanese shoe supplier and became what we know today as nike. the company went public in the 1980s after suffering from human rights and labor issues.
  • Explains that nike had to take rapid measures to redeem its reputation and rectify problematic policies and lack of international oversight of its operations.
  • Opines that expanding into foreign markets will be the hardest for nike because of their current reputation and the threat of globalization.
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