Dear Mom

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Dear Mom,

You're probably thinking, What is this? I've been in college for four years, and I've never written you a letter. I've sent you a couple of emails that you never checked. Mostly I call, say hello, and hang up. That way you have to call me back, and my phone bill stays small.

I'm writing because I have something I need to tell you, but I feel silly saying it. Also, I can be more organized this way. You know how we engineers like everything in its place. Anyway, I need to tell you this because of something tacked on my wall. It's something I believe in, but I've never done anything about it. It's a quote. It goes something like this.

Don't waste a single moment you may spend with someone you love. Don't neglect to tell them how important they are and how much you need them, want them, love them... Source unknown

Blah. Blah. Blah. Now I'll say what I need to say. Here goes nothing.

Do you remember when I told you that Elizabeth gave me the biggest compliment of my life? She told her class that I am her role model. Wow. I'm bringing this up because whenever I think about who my role model is, one person always pops into my head: you.

Why, you may ask? I never really thought about it, either. Of course, I can think of plenty of reasons you wouldn't be my role model. Sorry, but I don't really want to be exactly like you, and--ignoring the obvious physical similarities--I don't think I am like you.

See, a lot of what I've done in life--much as I would like to deny the fact--has been done because of my grades. I don't need to remind you I was the valedictorian. So was Dad. So was his dad. You were not. In fact, I've seen a couple of your report cards. Don't feel bad. Not everybody tests well.


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... tell me they heard I've joined the Navy. You really need to get that bragging thing under control!

What I'm trying to say is, I'm grateful I have such a great mom. It's going to be hard to move away, but you don't make me feel guilty. You always let me know you're proud of me. Well, I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for you. I admire you, and you're my role model because you are such a good mom. I know it's the hardest thing in the world to be. I also know that sometimes I make it harder than it has to be. (No more tattoos. I promise.)

Well, that about covers that bullet list. I can't really think of anything else I need to say. Maybe just that I'm incredibly lucky to have a mother I can describe as beautiful, intelligent, kind, and independent.


Your daughter

P.S. Now you know what it's like to have someone brag about you. Embarrassing, hey?
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