Eulogy for Daughter

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Eulogy for Daughter

My Dear Charity,

Where do I start? How do I begin a farewell when I still can't believe you're gone? How do I say goodbye to a part of my soul?

The day you were born I felt this indescribable love. One I had never known before. From the beginning of your life I never knew I could have a love that was so strong. When you were an infant I told people how great you were and they said, "Yeah, but wait until she is two." When you were two I told people how great you were and they said, "Yeah, but wait until she is ten." When you were ten I told people how great you were and they said, "Yeah, but just wait until she is 16." And now you are 16 and I am telling people how great you are.

You came into my life and changed me forever. Over the years people have complimented me for being a good mother but I can't take credit for that. You were born good and you were the one who was often teaching me. I believe you are an angel God sent to teach me. You taught me love. You taught me honesty. You taught me how to forgive and how to be strong. You are the strongest person I have ever known and you gave me strength when I was weak. When times were sad and tough I looked to you for strength. You taught me how to be myself. Most of all you taught me about life and how to live.

When you got sick and the doctors told me I should hold you back you taught me it was more important to feel and grow like any other child than to have me hide you under my wing. It was more important to live. And that you did. You danced so beautifully, for years. And then your greatest joy, cheerleading. You made me so proud. You have always been my greatest pride and joy. I'm not sure how I can live this life without you. Remember when you would cry and tell me you were so afraid because you didn't want me to die before you. And I would tell you I wasn't going to die. And remember me saying you couldn't die before me, so we agreed, we had to go at the same time because neither of us could live without the other.
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