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  • Audio Engineer

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    Audio Engineer An audio engineer is responsible for the operation of the soundboard and other equipment in the recording of music, words, sounds, or any combination of such material. There are several types of engineering positions available in today's studios. In large studios, there are usually several engineers, each with the own duties and contributions. There are recording engineers, recording assistants, set-up engineers, maintenance engineers, and even mix-down engineers in some cases.

  • Computer Engineer

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    engineering is a very time consuming, challenging job. To be a good computer engineer you need years of experience and collage education. Computer engineers provide information and data processing for certain computer firms and organizations. They conduct research, design computers, and discover and use new principles and ideas of applying computers. I am going to tell you specific facts about the careers of computer engineers like payment, education needed, skills, responsibilities of the job, job outlook

  • Aeronautical Engineers

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    Aeronautical Engineers Description Aeronautical engineers apply the principle of science and technology in work with highly sophisticated products such as aircrafts, missiles and space satellites. They usually specialise in research, design manufacture and production, or the management of maintenance programs Qualifications required The usual qualifications for entry into this career is a degree. However, it may be possible to enter with an HND or HNC. Entry to a relevant engineering

  • Role Of A Chemical Engineer

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    of an engineer is not only to form the pathways to a more productive society by mending the practices of math, science and reason to do so. But to also protect society in every way possible. Every engineer as an unsworn duty to serve and safeguard any form of human life, not just people. The role of any qualified professional is to perform their job with only the intent of a positive outcome. Never cheating, lying or falsifying anything in the process. Stephanie Simon a chemical engineer faced

  • Software Engineer

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    Computer software engineers use the basics and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that enable computers to perform their many different tasks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer software engineers are projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations over the 2002–12 period. The starting salaries for computer engineers with a bachelor's degree can be higher than

  • Systems Engineer Career

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    Systems Engineer Career The title of Systems Engineer is very widely used and until about 10 years ago, it was only used by individuals with degrees in the engineering field. Today it is used in the Information Technology space to identify individuals who play a technical role in the design, implementation or support of network and or server operations. The title of Systems Engineer is no longer associated with college degrees; it is associated with industry knowledge. The knowledge of an entry

  • Chemical Engineer

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    Chemical Engineer The chemical engineer is an invaluable link between scientific principles and manufacturing realities. It involves the use of chemical, physical, and engineering principles. The scientist in a laboratory does basic research to develop new compounds and processes. When the scientist discovers a product that may be useful, the chemical engineer takes over. They adapt the product for big scale manufacturing. They do this by designing a plant to produce the item on large scale

  • A Successful Engineer

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    obstructing my effort to succeed in life. As an engineer to be, it is important to me to be prepared for the hurdles in the real world. The world nowadays needs a person who could compete and has great abilities to stand on the same level as others. Multiple skills and critical opinion of an issue are essential for an engineer to jump into this challenging career. For me, a strategic planning and full preparation need to achieve the aim of being an expert engineer. To accomplish my goal, it is very vital

  • Aerospace Engineer Essay

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    Aerospace engineers examine, analyze, design, produce, and occasionally install components that make up aircraft, spacecraft, high-altitude vehicles, and high-altitude delivery systems (missiles). Satisfaction with the romantic image of rocket building can buoy many engineers through the highly anonymous work environments that many of them face. Individuals don't assemble rockets; teams do, dozens of teams working in highly supervised coordination. An aerospace engineer plays some part on one of

  • Essential Characteristics of an Engineer

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    What are the essential characteristics of an engineer and how have you developed these traits this semester? (Note: You may, and are encouraged to, refer to all courses and experiences that have assisted in your development) Punctuality, the sense of responsibility and the spirit of hard-working are three characteristics which play an essential role in the engineer’s career. In construction site, the quality of many building materials like concrete and mud can change within a short period. If we

  • US Army Engineers Roles

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    ROLES OF THE US ARMY ENGINEER Name: SSG GULINO Institution: Introduction The US army engineer can trace its roots to back in the year 1775 when a congress organized a battalion and within it were a chief engineer and his two assistants. It was until the year 1779 when a separate corps of engineers was created in the US army by the congress. History states that the first task of the corps of engineers was to fortify the city of Boston. Over the years the engineers were used by the government

  • Becoming A Mechanical Engineer

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    Mechanical engineering is a very broad and diverse job. Mechanical engineers are “thinkers and constructers”. They take ideas and turn them into real life. They “research, design, develop, build, and test mechanical and thermal censors and devices, including tools, engines, and machines”, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Basically, mechanical engineers work with anything that moves. Becoming a mechanical engineer is not very easy; it can take up to 4 years just to receive your bachelor

  • Audio Engineer Essay

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    professions that from other facets of the entertainment industry. An audio engineer has many responsibilities to satisfy the artist or client recording and performance needs, as well as delivering an end product that meets the consumer’s enjoyment. Simultaneously the audio engineer needs to maintain harmony within the organisation and work within the budget. With the rapid progress and advancement of technology, the audio engineer has more to comply with and to adjust accordingly drawing on his or her

  • A World Without Engineers

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    A World Without Engineers Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, on the planet Zovirax, there was an evil king, King Syphilis, who was mighty pleased with himself, for he had just banished all the engineers on the planet to work in the Pixie Stick Powder mines on the moons of Gluteus. "You see," he told his sycophantic servants and lackeys, "I have solved two problems with one simple executive order. I have rid the planet of those annoying, nerdy, know-it-all, engineers." (King Syphilis was

  • Chemical Engineer Essay

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    Chemical Engineer Have you ever wondered where food coloring came from? Or maybe you have been curious as to who studies and figures out what combinations of chemicals must be used to make a homogenous mixture? Well in this essay I will answer all of your questions about the very important career and different things you would study as a chemical engineer. A chemical engineer is a very important job in my opinion. Chemical engineers play a very crucial role in society all across the world. Chemical

  • The Importance of Disaster Investigations for Systems Engineers

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    of Disaster Investigations for Systems Engineers - What is a Systems Engineer? In the modern industry engineering systems are becoming more complex by the day. Therefore a need for elite engineers i.e. the Systems Engineer, capable of applying a wide range of engineering disciplines to a variety of tasks from product design and development from requirements analysis to simulation to manufacturing and marketing etc… is essential. Such engineers work within a team at the heart of the

  • Engineers: Communication and Writing Skills

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    Engineers: Communication and Writing Skills For many years, in the masses of people there has been made a stereotype of the working engineer. This is a person who spends ten hours straight in front of his computer, making some strange graphs and calculations. He is afraid of sunlight and spends his free time inventing the time machine. When people try to start a conversation he says that he has a lot of work to do and tries to run away as fast as possible. This picture may be a little exaggerated

  • The Social Responsibility of a Software Engineer

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    The Social Responsibility of a Software Engineer Abstraction: The social responsibility is one of important responsibilities defined by ACM in its ethic codes for software engineer. Compare to other responsibilities, social responsibility is more remote and ambiguous. When a software engineer obtained the privilege to practice his/her right from the society, he/she is required to take corresponding responsibilities. But the definition of the responsibilities is not unified in computing professional

  • Electrical Engineer Essay

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    An electrical engineer who fixes, designs, and develops electrical equipment. Electrical engineering is associated with electricity, electromagnetism, and electronic devices. Before becoming a professional engineer you need to be certified by some professional body. Once certified you will be designated with the title of professional engineer. You must have a bachelors degree in order to be certified. Some industries that electrical engineers can work in include: Scientific research and development

  • Becoming A World Class Engineer

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    World class engineers are not a normal engineer. They are not categorized by just their degree, but by their work and experiences in the field of engineering. Getting my degree in Civil Engineering is only the beginning. There are many steps I still need to take to first graduate then proceed on from that. Becoming a world class engineer takes in many feats and skills. You cannot just graduate and become the best at something. Being open minded, moral, and structured are the keys to succeeding as