Role Models: How Can I Be Role Model?

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All an Athletes thinks about is during season is the next game. What’s going to happen or if they’re going to make the play during the game when they really count. They’re rarely think about what they’re doing during school or at home or even when they’re walking the streets of their city.
Little do they know that just being an athlete, they assume a greater part than simply being themselves. What they do, say, watch, and speak can make an impact on their image. Athletes have always been held to a higher standard. They are the reprehensive of their school. Every time they throw that jersey on they step onto a stage. Wearing it proudly through out the school, community and on the field, the name of their school runs across their chest. They must uphold a positive image because what they do speaks for their team and city.
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Working together like a well-oiled machine some teams have overcame the odds against them or they just dominate them competition just like Webb City’s football team with 5 state championships back-to-back their success is dictated by their teamwork. But what if you could take that amount of teamwork and give it back to the community?

But what does it mean to be a “Role Model”? How can I be role model some might ask? By the true definition in the English Language a role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.
How would you feel if people looked up to you? Not just as a person but as an athlete, people wanting to be you or be like you with the ability that you have to either throw the ball or score like you could.
In the since of being an athlete, what kind of pressure would you endure? Knowing that everyone is watching. The media, teammates, fellow students, (in high school or college) parents; the kind of pressure would sure overwhelm
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