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The Murder of Reconstruction The Civil War, the deadliest war in American History, ended in a vicious divide of opinions and Northern and Southern States. This war ended in 1865 and thus began the Reconstruction Era where the U.S. tried to unite and the Confederate States were accepted back into the Union. In Reconstruction, the 13th-15th Amendments concerning Civil Rights and African Americans were ratified. The 13th Amendment abolishing slavery, the 14th awarding citizenship, and the 15th providing the right to vote. African Americans made huge advancements for their rights during this Era, however, Reconstruction ended in 1876. Reconstruction ended because of Northern neglect and Southern resistance. However, Southern resistance was the …show more content…

One way the South resisted Reconstruction was through voter intimidation and fraud. This voter intimidation can be seen in a political cartoon in Harper’s Weekly October 21, 1876, with the caption; “Of Course he wants to vote the Democrat ticket” (Document B). The Republican Party abolished slavery and helped the freed slaves gain rights, while the Democratic Party were white, Southern men who were against Reconstruction and African Americans having rights. This cartoon shows an African American man held at gunpoint by two white democrats, forced to vote for the Democrat Party even though he would never vote for the racist Democrat Party by choice. This shows the general attitude towards African Americans in the South, how they were less than white people and did not deserve rights, like the right to vote. This attitude was the same as before the Civil War and keeping that attitude was their way of resisting Reconstruction. Another way the South resisted Reconstruction was the formation of terror groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK did not only murder African Americans, they also murdered carpetbaggers and Republican Politicians. Carpetbaggers were Northerners who moved South after the Civil War and were Republicans for Reconstruction. An example of a carpetbagger is Albion Tourgee, a white union soldier who moved to North Carolina and became a judge. He wrote to a Republican Senator Joseph Abbott that “John W. Stephens … was foully murdered by the Ku-Klux in the Grand Jury room … He was stabbed five or six times, and then hanged on a hook” (Document A). John Stephens was Republican, brutally murdered to make a statement by the KKK. This shows that the KKK was a violent terror group determined to restore the South to its Antebellum prosperity. The formation of terror groups clearly displays Southern resistance to Reconstruction. In

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