Dangers of Eating Fast Food

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I have to say that a growing number of people nowadays prefer to eat fast food rather than their meals. Only a few of them have compelling reasons and are forced to do it. Most of people who choose to eat fast food can make a change. Exactly, we have already heard much of the harm about eating fast food, not only on physical but also on mental. The more we have eaten, the more we will be harmed by it. So here, in order to keep our body healthy, it is the right time for us to say “NO” to fast food.
In general, always eating fast food has three major disadvantages.
The first one is that most fast food do not pay much attention on the balance of the nutrition. Usually, they will offer too much meat, sugar and grease and fail to provide sufficient vegetables, fruit and cellulose. So under this circumstance, it is not hard to image that people will stay in condition of over nutrition if they eat fast food in a very long term. They need to supplement the lack of vitamin and mineral substance.
The second one is that eating too much fast food will cause another serious problem: excessive heat. This is because the major food material in snack contains huge grease and monosaccharide. However both of them are high-energy materials which include the daily necessary calorie. People will easily absorb the energy that more than you need every day. It has been confirmed that too much grease will bring excess saturated fat, which will cause higher cholesterol and lead to heart disease.
The last one is about the seasoner that used in fast food. According to the survey, there is more salinity than the health standard requirement containing in most of the seasoner. Doctors have certified that too much salinity will impair people’s h...

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...y aunt called me. She told me to go to the hospital to see my uncle. I was very surprised and did not know what happened. When I went to the hospital to see my uncle, I was shocked at what I saw. His teeth had turned black and he was extremely weak. The doctor said the reason my uncle was so sick was due to too much fast food. He had a heart attack and hypertension and his body lacked nutrients. Now he can only live in the hospital
In conclusion, from all the following information, I have already shown you the harm that fast food may bring to your health. No matter you will totally accept my suggestion or you are not fully convinced about it, I hope you may start to pay attention to it. If so, I think I have done some a good deed. Because the more people keep a watchful eye on it, the clear you will see the true face of it. And finally, you will know I am right.

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