DNA Fingerprinting: Cracking Our Genetic Barcode

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In the article, DNA Fingerprinting: Cracking Our Genetic “Barcode” by Elaine N. Marieb, she describes the process and uses of DNA fingerprinting. The importance of DNA is very helpful because it makes it easier to identify different individuals through their genetic material. In another interesting article, Interface Facts by Katie L. Burke, she mainly focuses on internet video games that could be an effective method for scientific research for scientists and non-scientists. DNA and Technology have emerged and are a great benefit to humans to help find matches such as long-relatives, a murderer in a case, and personal background information whether alive or deceased. Also DNA and Technology can be useful for public awareness reasons too. DNA is a vital tool in forensic medicine, when it comes to tracking down that killer or finding that liar in the courtroom. However, DNA fingerprinting for example is also used to identify what a person did based off of their remains. “The U.S. military takes blood and saliva samples from every recruit so it can identify victims of mass disasters such as airplane crashes.” (Marieb, 2009, p.459). After the 9/11 attacks, …show more content…

According to “Interface Facts”, gaming is based for scientists to do research which may be an effective method. This video game was chosen because it related to nucleotide sequences. “These sequences are chosen because of their relevance to research on human disease and because of computer sequencing software’s difficulty in resolving the sequence alignments without people’s help.” (Burke, 2012, p.469). In the other article, DNA can trace long-lost family members from centuries ago. For example, “Historians have fiercely debated whether Thomas Jefferson, our third president, fathered any children by his slave Sally Hemings.” (Marieb, 2009, p. 459). This means that the person can locate certain diseases in the family

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