DHL Case Study

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The market in which DHL trades in is highly competitive, where customers demand and request efficiency, effectiveness, speed and above all quality. A company that has hunger for success in this environment will need to have good operational networks and modern technology to support its operations both locally and internationally. DHL has worked on developing its competencies to become core competencies in order to get a bigger competitive advantage.
DHL has been in the logistics business for over 45 years, as a result it has built its brand and image. DHL has a 37.5% market share and rated number one globally. Operating in 220 countries with over 4000 offices DHL handles over 160million shipments per annum and meets the demands for over one million customers around the world. This fact works to its advantage because they have standard workflows and use fixed routes for its delivery services. …show more content…

With over 280 000 employees DHL is dedicated to improving and developing its employees in order to deliver a high quality service to its customers. DHL’s continued success has been enabled by the ever committed employees and experts within the company. DHL are committed to improving skills and expanding employee expertise. They offer a wide range of training like on the job training to enable its employees to gain skills and knowledge. They also offer development opportunities such as management techniques, leadership, soft skills, health and safety etc. DHL also offers graduate programs in Supply Chain and MBA. DHL employees are empowered to make decisions and motivated with various recreational activities and reward programs such as team building

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