Fedex Case Analysis

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Fedex Case Analysis Federal Express is the world’s largest package delivery company today. They have been successful mainly because of their technological advancements. Technology has allowed them to have superior customer service and quality that was unparalleled by any company. No company was able to offer overnight delivery of packages with the speed and precision that Federal Express did. Although Federal Express remains ahead of its competition today, their advantages over other firms in the industry are slowly diminishing. FedEx’s modeling capability gave them a competitive advantage as they implemented new methods and technology. They currently have a SuperHub with several regional hubs and packages are managed and tracked by a system called COSMOS. This system allowed customers to know where their packages were at all times and was later integrated for web use, allowing customers to track packages over the Internet. Today, UPS also allows customers to track packages over the Internet and has improved customer service. I would assume that they have developed a mainframe similar to that of FedEx to decrease FedEx’s competitive advantage. The United States Postal Service, which has lower rates, has also increased their customer service and quality. FedEx must find new technological advancements to stay ahead of the competition in the package delivery industry. However, expanding into different businesses seems to be one of the strategic directions of the company. This direction is driven by increased competition in their current industry. New businesses, such as logistics, will have wider margins for FedEx and help them to increase revenues and profits. Also, FedEx should continue to expand and invest in the international market because it is growing at a rate faster than that of the domestic market. FedEx spends a lot of money on improving their technology, which has proven to be successful in the past, but their key to success today is expanding into new businesses and the international market. FedEx’s financial statements shows that its assets have not been utilized as well as other firms in their industry, but their profitability is better than other industry firms. Still they must decrease selling and administrative expenses while increasing sales.

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