Service Quality Essay

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2.1 Service quality
Irene Hau-siu C. et al. (2007) stated that having a good quality interaction between customers and employees will lead to desirable outcomes such as satisfaction, repeat patronage and profit. It will have affect for service employee development. The employee’s service skills are important to provide a high quality service. Employee training for provides good service as a supplement to service employee and then he or she were ability or skill to provide a high quality service. Besides that, the ability of employees to provide a high quality service to their customer and also to meet the customer’s needs more effectively and friendly, can be improve through the training and development experience.
Also, supervisors should give supportive relationships in the work environment and provide opportunities for employees to improve their job related skills as argued by Irene Hau-siu C. et al. (2007). Schneider et al., (1992) argued that employees are also more likely to provide good service to their customers when organisations give reward for such behaviour and establish procedures that enhance service delivery.
As stated by Johns and Howard (1998), in food service operations the service quality has been characterized for individualized, intangible and subjective in nature. The customer evaluates on the difference between the actual experienced and expected to get, in result perceive that whether service quality higher. When the customer perceptions that service delivery by the employee have higher service quality then he or she would be satisfied. As proposed by Rust and Oliver (1994), in service quality model there are three factors such as customer-employee interaction, service environment and service outcome. Thi...

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...t can increase the pleasure and customer satisfaction of the dining experience. At the same time, it was also to assist with employee productivity. By Barber and Scarcelli (2010); Lockyer (2003), whether it is the entry, building exterior, the dining room and the guest room of the cleanliness of a hotel or restaurant, can affect the customer’s perceptions of service quality. Also, service organisation in order to market themselves provide high service quality has been seen as an essential to service provider as stated by O’Neill and Palmer (2001). As a result, a customer’s satisfaction and customer loyalty are realized through the physical environment other than through the delivery of exceptional service. Thus, both the physical environment and provide exceptional service plays an important role in the delivery process as argued by Lockyer (2003); Raajpoot (2002).

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