Challenges and Capacity Forecast in the Logistic Industry

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In logistic industry, they have been through lots of challenge in worldwide market. As the containerization of the global economy scopes, a phase of development and explanation, ports find themselves inserted in ever changing commercial environment where logistics is the forefront. Thus, this industry reaches a phase of maturity and rationalization due to the process of logistic on land. 1. CAPACITY FORECAST Based on my research, one of the challenges faced by logistic company is capacity forecast. Capacity forecast is a general’s capacity theory that we should know it about warehousing. Warehousing it is very important in this industry where they play an important role to store the goods before its loading and unloading once it arrive at the destination point. The requirement for this phase is its transportation. As an example, the used of mode, carrier and protection class. Furthermore, capacity forecast has its own benefits in logistic. Which is, this solution ensure the logistic, manufacturing and supply chain to work together to the same plan (Byrne, 2011). The logistic industry had faced is, widespread their promotion and to work efficiently on land. International trade is the growing share of global production and growth in trade is expected to outperform …show more content…

The freight rate is the price of the carrier that pays by the charterer or ship owner. Freight rate is compulsory and it is measures by the value of goods, point of destination and the travel distance due to land, air or ocean. Freight rate also include with the custom clearance process. It is demanded by the fluctuation of supply and demand, the bargaining power of shipper, the competitors with other logistic company and the availability or alternative of transport modes (lorry, train and ship) (The Challenges Facing The Maritime Transport Industry,

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