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Different authors have reviewed the cyber terrorism from different angles. Most of them have focused on the aims and objectives which terrorist wants to accomplish through cyber warfare. Moreover they have stressed over the need to the measures taken to combat cyber-attacks by terrorists.
It is asserted in an article the battlefield of cyber space: the inevitable new military branch-the cyber force by Natasha Solce. In this article she has analyzed cyberspace as future battlefield she stressed on the need of plans which include amendments in constitution, establishing a cyber-force and strictked security measures to tackle cyber terrorism. She points out different events which held only because of the mismanagement by security institutions. She investigated that 8th US Air force was designed as the most modern operational force against the cyber terrorist. She concludes that terrorist may instigate more vulnerable attacks in future if they are not dealt with priority (Solce, 2008).
It is asserted in another article Terrorist Use of the Internet: Information Operations in Cyberspace by Catherine A. Theohary and John Rollins. Both of them claimed that terrorists are using cyber space to dismantle different information operations through induction of fraudulent financial procedures, hacking and disinformation. They have argued that terrorist may use cyber space for the social and economic assistance. Moreover they have reviewed different American internet security agencies like DOD, FBI and NSA, and have devised that already many preliminary steps have been taken to combat cyber terrorism but they have stressed on the need of further planning of restricting the cyber warfare (Rollins and Theohary, 2011).
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...communication technology have led to more dependency to internet connectivity. As world is changing into a global village cyber space has turned up the busiest and easily accessible market. Terrorists used this technique because it is very low cost, easy to manage or control and less chance to be apprehended. Terrorist easily achieve their goals by using this field of terrorism. Many states faced the menace of cyber terrorism which leads towards the disruption of their infrastructure, loss of data system jeopardizing their internal security and many more. Some states have taken strong measures against these attacks like US whose Department of Defense worked to tackle these threats. It is necessary that on international level states must cooperate with each other and promote those organizations which are formed only to stop the threat of cyber terrorism.

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