CyberCrime: Preventing the Horrific Crimes on the Internet

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In today's society, many aspects of crime committed on a regular basis. Civilians take advantage of people all the time using online resources such as a fraudulent website requiring credit card information to get a free monthly trial. Other examples of cyber crimes are online chatting website, full of predators or websites needing a downloadable program that contains a hacking virus. Sadly, there are many cases of cyber crime all over the internet. The acts of cyber crimes are considered violent acts like any other. Every day citizens are constantly losing money and being victimized due to these fraudulent activities. Cyber crime, including fraud, identity theft, stalking, and hacking, is a growing problem which can be prevented by taking the proper precautions.
The biggest case of cyber crimes are cases of fraud. “Online fraud comes in many forms. It ranges from viruses that attack computers with the goal of retrieving personal information, to email schemes that lure victims into wiring money to fraudulent sources” (What is “online fraud”). When browsing the internet, people will often stumble upon free trial websites. Some of these websites are real, but many are fake. Real examples can include ones like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. The fake websites, such as one offering to great of a deal to imagine are often attempts of fraud, to gain access to credit card information.
Another way of committing fraud is the sending of fake emails through Craigslist to make the victim think that he/she is getting a great deal. This type of fraud has to do with shipping. Criminals send fake emails out from a company such as PayPal, saying that the money is being held until the victim replies to the email with a tracking number. When the v...

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...on, try to get something for free that normally costs. These things are the most common type of Cyber Crimes people see on a daily basis. Although the internet is a great source for making money legal ways, it is also used for plenty of malicious black market money scams. It is imperative to always carefully browse the internet, when downloading programs, and talking to people online.

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