How Technology is Used to Commit Crime

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The world has become increasingly run by technology. Technology has benefited society and prompted new methods of research and development. Even with its many benefits, the use of technology has led to the growth of cybercrime. Cybercrime is one of the fastest types of growing crime (Anderson, 2013). With the continued growth of the technology industry, the crime rate will continue to skyrocket (Ellyatt, 2013).
One of the most common types of cybercrime is identity theft. Identity theft occurs when someone steals another individual’s personal information, with the intent to illegally use the date for their personal benefit (Dimov, 2014). Sadly, it is not hard for an individual to steal another person’s identity. All one needs is an individual’s name, date of birth, and Social Security Number (Dimov, 2014). These three pieces of personal detail are often deemed the “Holy Trinity.” Perpetrators often use this type of personal information to commit financial fraud, such as applying for credit cards in the victim’s name (Baltzan, 2013, p. 294).
According to Paige Baltzan, there are two methods criminals use to steal one’s personal identity (2013, p. 294). One of these methods is phishing. This occurs when the perpetrator steals the victim’s personal information by using fake emails, which commonly ask for personal details (Baltzan, 2013, p. 294). Unknowingly, victims often think these emails are legitimate, and reply with personal information. Once they have replied, the perpetrator has captured their personal information. The second way identity thieves capture information wanted is by pharming (Baltzan, 2013). This method reroutes victims from legitimate websites to false websites (Baltzan, 2013, p. 296). The same concept applies ...

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