Essay On Cybercrime

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Cybercrime refers to all forms of crime conducted through a computer or a mobile device using computer networks. It is thus the use of a computer with the aim of intercepting and manipulating content, disrupting communication, stealing or generally destroying others’ information or hardware through a network. Although cybercrime is a worldwide problem and affects both small and big companies, small companies are affected more from the dangers of cybercrime. The rapid advancement in technology is causing tremendous problems to businesses in terms of more sophisticated cyber-attacks. This project is interesting and beneficial because it enlightens one on the dangers of cybercrime, thus preparing individuals to know how to prevent attacks while online, how to reduce the effects of a cyber-attack and how to prevent future…show more content…
As per an exploration by Das and Nayak (2016), in 2015, independent ventures endured money related misfortunes averaging $93,000-$388,000 to cybercrime. Cybercrime is in this way viewed as one of the main sources to conclusion of independent companies because of the misfortunes brought about. Aside from that, organizations lose their benefits, for the most part hardware and frameworks, which are here and there focuses of digital assaults. The best case of this is the assault on mechanical control frameworks, which renders organizations and organizations out of operation. Das and Nayak (2016) shows that assaults on modern control frameworks are expanding and went up by 110% of every 2016, a sign that a risk is approaching. It is likewise disturbing when Das and Nayak (2016) report that in 2015, seventy five percent of private ventures detailed having encountered arrange security breaks. This is an expansion from the cases experienced in 2013 and 2014, a sign that cybercrime is turning into the most risky test to
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