Cultural Pluralism Essay

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Today, American society has been dealing with a diversity of ethnicities ranging from African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Asian Americans for many years. In the beginning of America, there was distinguish hierarchical structure of ethnic group brought upon by de-facto segregation and de-jure segregation. However, in the turn of the mid twentieth century, America became unified under a principle of cultural pluralism. The abolishment of slavery, the desegregation of public facilities and intuitions, and the Equal Rights Act of 1964, which gave all minorities including women an equal opportunity, gave rise to the so-called “melting pot” of cultural, languages, and customs. In cultural pluralism, all the various ethnicities are unique in their own way, but not one ethnic group is higher than another. This notion of a hierarchy ethnic group has disappeared during the mist of the civil rights movement through the 1960s. Today,…show more content…
It is proven when an individual experiences financial security - as well as reduced social tensions - they will invest more. When Americans invest their earnings in a business and entrepreneurship, America as a whole becomes a more prosperous country because new jobs would be created to benefit every ethnicity. Also, with an exceptionally diverse society, business owners need employees with different backgrounds to ensure every type of customer feel welcomed and encouraged to return. Dr. Thomas Sowell, author of “Cultural Diversity: A World View,” concludes that the “great thinkers of the past – whether in medicine, philosophy, science, or economics – labored not simply to advance whatever particular group they happened to have come from but to advance the human race” (44-55). America’s accomplishments have derived from all ethnic groups, but Americans do not highlight the nation of origin. Instead “we” as Americans have succeed together sociologically and
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