Cultural Diversity Essay

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College campuses across the United States utilize multiple ways of attracting extra amounts of diversity to their campuses by using affirmative action, diversity programs, admissions criteria, federally administered aid, and student body quotas. However, in order to be considered diverse, the community must adhere to the general principles of racially and culturally diverse pupils. Otherwise, the meaning behind having racial and cultural diversity is to enhance the student body of the university for the greater good of the U.S. population. Diversity in itself cannot be defined in the context of one unified meaning. Rather, diversity can be defined as either meant for a specific reason such as to promote a greater understanding of all groups of people or how it is beneficial to the population as a whole. One way that diversity could work is if all people from all cultural and racial backgrounds are tolerant of every person that is not considered to be categorized within their group. I myself am for that route in particular and believe that it may be possible to achieve someday but ultimately think it will be imminently difficult to accomplish. Regardless of categorization, cultural diversity can be argued as either mutually necessary for the general population or as an inhibitor if certain groups do not tolerate one another. Diversity requires the attention of all members of different racial and cultural groups in order to satisfy the need for mutually assured tolerance at a level of common acceptance. Two pieces will be co-analyzed within this essay for quality assurance when comparing evidence for the issues and criteria presented in diversity. Kerby Sophia’s anecdotal article highlights the main key factors for diversity on camp... ... middle of paper ... ...By doing this we as a society eliminate racism and bear the values of mutual tolerance for everyone to achieve equally, no longer will we loathe racism and generalizations based upon an averaged view of a group. This is why we should never include race on any form of criteria, because if we do then we would be generalizing whole groups of people and disenfranchising other groups. Both authors of the articles make excellent points regarding how the utilization of race in college admissions policies could work, but fail to realize the underlying principle of diversity; to achieve mutual tolerance between all members of our society in an equal, unbiased, and just manner. Their bias on the topic is the main reason why I choose to stand behind my belief of that it is indeed a monumental challenge to meet every last criteria in order to accomplish true cultural diversity.

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