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In recent years Indigenous early childhood education has come into the spotlight, in regards to the importance of inclusion. As educators it’s significant to have an understanding of the background of Indigenous students to enable the best learning outcomes. The Victorian government have produced regarding the importance of providing an environment that’s inclusive of indigenous cultures. These documents include Wannik: learning together-journey to our future, Walking Respectfully: Exploring indigenous culture and reconciliation in early childhood practice and Aboriginal Best Start, Status Report. It’s also crucial to have knowledge of Indigenous communities and organisations. As educators we need to understand that family is the fundamental in Indigenous children’s lives. When teaching children that are of Indigenous background it’s imperative to know the right teaching and learning strategies to enable the indigenous children to have the best possible learning experience. By having an educator that knows the background of Indigenous culture and the importance of the Indigenous community. Also organisations allows the setting to become more diverse and understanding to Indigenous beliefs and views. This approach of inclusion raises some important questions. For instance: What can the centre provide to make the child and family feel included? What practices and programs are available to support Indigenous families? Can I add an aspect of Indigenous culture into my teaching practices? In summary it is important to understand the impact that Indigenous families have on the child and how crucial it is to adding an aspect of Indigenous culture into my own practices. Many Indigenous communities are not being included in the day to da... ... middle of paper ... ...derstanding of their views and beliefs as an educator we can create experiences that are appropriate to the child’s culture. Also as important is to understand the way in which Indigenous children learn and the specific teaching and learning strategies that you can employ to allow the child or children to have the best learning outcomes. Therefore it brings to question, what else can the government do to provide support to Indigenous students? How else can educators be inclusive to the indigenous culture? What is the future of indigenous children going to be like in the next 10 years? Are we doing enough in society to allow Indigenous people to fell included and understood?. In conclusion whether or not you have a wide knowledge of Indigenous culture or not as an educator it is your responsibility to maintain an inclusive environment for both families and children.

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