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The root of multicultural education had its start during the Civil Rights movement. This could be traced back to African American and other people of color who challenged those that practiced discrimination and racial inequality during the 1960’s. Black leaders targeted educational institutions that were the most oppressive to be more racially diverse. In addition, black leader called for a change during the hiring process while searching for employment at educational institutions. During the mid-1960 and 1970’s women joined the fight and pushed for an educational change within the school system. The women challenged the employment opportunities, inequality, income balance, and systematic sexism. Just like the Civil Rights movement before them,…show more content…
With America is gaining a wide array of cultures, the societies are changing. With the increase of cultural diversity within the school systems, we could see prejudice reduction, school, and social structure change. Schools play an important part-preparing students for the responsibilities of a changing diverse society. By integrating multicultural education into the current educational curriculum, rather than making it a different content area, relieves stress of creating a separate lesson, units and courses in an overburdened curriculum. Content integration urges teachers to give extra credit, chances for higher learning, using skills such as critical thinking. Using ethic demographics for scientific ideas allows students to consider the ethnics and racial diversity in their own classroom. At the point when students can provide solutions about social events, such as social inequality developments, they are learning to think logically and critically. Multiculturalism is about more than a classroom with varied skin color. It includes a cautious examination of areas, parenting styles a general encounters that shape every k-12 student. “According to multicultural scholar James Banks stated by 2020 it is estimated that the nation 's schools will have 48% students of different ethnicities. Although the positive change will not change from such population shifts, Banks suggests that schools may be more open to multicultural approaches if the student body is more diverse (Multiculturalism Should Be Promoted). The main objective of multicultural education is to teach citizens who can take part effectively in the workforce and to take action in the community to help the country realize its based goals. These standards, for example, equity, correspondence, and flexibility, is put forward in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The main goal of multicultural education is to bring

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