Critical Analysis Of Cesreus Blooms At Night

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Cereus Blooms at Night by Shani Mootoo
1.The story represents the different racial distribution in our society. In the plot there is a variety of gender colors, race, class, and sexuality that represent the individuals character. For instance, the whites are to believe to be more educated or better that any other race, where they even look for same ethnicity to procreate, where on the other part, Hindu as represented in the story are less represented and neglected for the simple reason of been of color, even though they can do as much as any other race, still the story mentions how different they are in all means. From the story it is evident that some sections of the plot Indians are from a very rural country, therefore, it shows the different
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Just to mentioned, according to the racial studies we all live in a melting pot so there should be not race difference just nationalities. There are mixed neighborhoods which also try to segregate people of different color to poor communities, therefore, accomplish major economic success as well as social incorporation although most of us are immigrants. With this in mind, we can follow that the story support the issues or better said, it represent the rebellious personality that one represent, therefore, the play in their sexual and gender identities are not accepted in the society constructs, hence, it is evident how some of the personage are in struggle to fit for their sexuality double life, however, this is not a problem to worry for because even as LGTB one could be, they will always find someone to love and live for. Next the transformation and gender identity is very notable in the story in which the coming out of the closet will not be easy, because us as society do no let it to happened freely, therefore, many transgenders will die in the dark if not strong enough to fight for their rights as one day it happened in the streets of New York, where with all the mess the raids caused, was the representation and victory demonstration to…show more content…
The problem in which not only the person’s color but gender was once a whole issue, however, lost whiting the story for the different anecdotes. Dislocation and loss was evident in the story’s setting of Mala, Sarah, Pohpoh, Tyler. The dislocation is that, Otoh, had to be separated form his family by the most unpredictable circumstances of his life. This resulted in dislocation as Hindus in the story had to gave up his son, and which he survived in the wrong side of the adoptive family. Because, later in the story this personage, had to go through different cynical momentous in which they were following him for the rest of his life. On the other part, the different violence that resulted unpredictably resulted in the rapes of Pohpoh. Father used violations as excuse for his wife abandonment. The different acts against some of the characters in the story, displays the savage and brutality that reveals a social dislocation as the little girl is raped by her own father. There was an unimaginable loss, because the sisters where not able to be mentioned anything about it yet continue with this trauma until grown. The story ends with on a note of hope, because, no one can erase the different problems in which each of the
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