Analysis Of Latino Homophobia In The Film Quinceañera

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Latino homophobia still exists and continues to be a problem in today’s society. The Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community is growing stronger because more people are coming out to rebel against the systems of society. Since the systems of society are based on cultural norms, the homophobia should be addressed because the LGBTQ community face different forms of violence and as a result new generations will be coming to be accepting them as normal individuals. In the film Quinceañera (2006), it shows controversial issues that Latinos are known to displease including teen pregnancy, being gay, and not conforming to the family’s religion. Carlos, one of the movie’s main characters, has been dishonored and kicked out…show more content…
Ivon’s rebellious personality caused so many problems with her family. Her mother, Lydia, blamed her for her father’s alcoholism, leading to his death that has nothing to do with her being lesbian or different. This apparent hatred has made the mother to be embarrassed of Ivon and calls her various horrendous names, “How do you think I feel? Es una vergüenza” (Gaspar 66). She does not visit her hometown of El Paso, Texas just to avoid her mother. Lydia simply resents Ivon because she wants to create a family with two women as parents. Irene, Ivon’s sister, even tried to defend her sister and was violently hit for disobeying and disrespecting her mother’s wishes. Lydia still lives in a society of heteronormatively that doesn’t allow the LGBTQ community to be together peacefully. She wants Ivon to be religious, follow the cultural norms, and be heterosexual. Ivon tackled violence in her childhood from her mother constantly because she didn’t fit as a normal Latina girl. Clearly everyone is different and the resentment from her mother caused Ivon to become more independent as a person. Ivon is a very successful professor in a University in Los Angeles, but going through all the neglect, rejection, and physical abuse was just a part of the process. It is discriminating for people of the LGBTQ community to be judged…show more content…
The first people introduced are a couple, Agustin and Marcelo, that has been well established in Chicago, Illinois. Marcelo explained his struggle of being both gay and staying catholic because as a kid he prayed to god for a miracle to change him to be “normal”. Marcelo has accepted himself and continues to practice the religion even though Catholicism prohibits being gay. Another man named David described being teased in his school career for kissing another boy in the third grade because of his sexuality. He moved to New York City to get away from his childhood and to finally be happy in a place where he isn’t judged. This homophobia from young kids instigates violence in school that is learned from parents and from the community of others. The last person introduced in the film was a man who transitioned to be a woman that was rejected by her family and had to move out of her home for coming home with hair extensions. This form of violence caused Gabriela to abuse drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain of rejection. These three examples show how people have overcome the cultural normality, but have experienced all sorts of different
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