Creative Writing Class Analysis

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When I started Creative Writing I had little to no goals for writing. I was taking this class because it is an English credit that will help me graduate. I did think that Creative Writing would be more fun then most English classes and it was. In this class there is a lot more writing involved, writing notebooks, discussions, and assignments. I think this repetition helped gain more skills in writing, which is something I’ve always felt I lacked. In other English classes it would change each unit to writing a paper to reading then to a grammar lesson, which is great when you are trying to teach a lot of information in a short time, but in creative writing it focus on one thing writing. Teaching me different ways to write and help identify and focus on this assignment, with daily learning notebooks and discussion. It showed me the freedom writing offers. …show more content…

You can then appreciate the time you spent on the notebooks, every notebook assessment was related to lesson and help you active the final story. For example unit 6 writing notebook: Figurative language “So sweet and willing to please, she tilts her head and her brown eyes staring at you. Her mouth is slightly open you can see her teeth, but she doesn’t let her tongue hang out as if she was trying to smile at you. Her white fur covers her chest and slowly transforming into black.” This is a description of my dog baby, I didn’t use this for my final assignment but it helped me practice using figurative language, which helped me with sensory details in my final draft for example The Best View “Bundled up in our winter gear my dad and I headed out into the cold. With our flashlights in hand, we carry out into the dark to hike a quarter of a mile to get the best view possible. Where there is no light or directions, but from the sky

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