Successful College Writing: Chapter Four Analysis

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579 words

The focal point of Chapter 4 of Successful College Writing is on how to critically read and decipher text and visuals. It highlights the importance of not just looking at the surface of the words, but diving into their true meaning. Authors put every word and picture into their work for a reason, and it is your job to ensure that you do not fall victim to biases and false information. It is crucial to learn how to identify author's tones, opinions, and overall purpose in their writings. Learning how to analyze these patterns will better equip you in acquiring accurate information and also not adopting these deceptive techniques yourself. When reading someone else's work you need to be certain that you read between the lines. Author's, at times, will attempt to distort information in order to make their beliefs more prominent. In order to avoid this disinformation, you have to learn the difference between denotations and connotations and facts from opinions. Furthermore, you'll have to recognize figurative language, such as similes and metaphors, which can incite specific feelings onto readers. …show more content…

For example, if the author provides statistics to prove their case, it's important to check the date, location, etc., of when this data was collected. Just because authors may have an eyewitness, survey, or results from a scientific study, doesn't mean that their data is reliable. Their info may be subjective and therefore, not trustworthy. Moreover, some writings can include broad generalizations, assumptions, and omission of facts. This can mislead you into believing something that is not true which is why you should make your own inferences whilst reading. When making an inference, figure out the author's purpose, take note to the details, address the facts they give, inspect their usage of words, and back your inference with

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the focal point of chapter 4 of successful college writing is on how to critically read and decipher text and visuals.
  • Explains the importance of reading between the lines when reading someone else's work. authors often distort information to make their beliefs more prominent.
  • Explains the importance of checking the evidence provided by an author, especially if they have an eyewitness, survey, or scientific study.
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