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Nurses are faced with countless ethical issues in carrying out their professional responsibilities, like compassion, consent and safeguarding just to mention a few; this essay will explore the importance of confidentiality in relation to Mental Health and Child Nursing incorporating aspects of diversity.
Since January 2007, laptop with personal information was lost, email and fax sent to the wrong person, inappropriate disposal of medical record, not to mention the famous telephone call from someone pretending to be patient’s relative (Long, 2012). The confidential data compliance can be very difficult and pointless without a safety net; Hence, the rational of introducing confidentiality.
Yeo Michael et al (2010) defined confidentiality as the protection and control over information privy. Confidentiality is important because it is an ethical principle and a legal obligation that Mental health Nurses should adhered to in carrying out their professional duties (NMC, 2008). As an ethical principal it is enshrined in the Nurses and Midwifes Council (NMC) code of conduct. The code is consistent with the Data Protection Act 2008 which states that information should be kept accurate and secure. All these are intended to maintain trust and protect the public (NHS, 2013).
Furthermore, it creates information barrier and protect service users especially vulnerable individual. This mean that Information given in circumstances where it is expected that a duty of confidence applies, that information cannot without the information provider’s consent be disclosed under the common law and as a legal obligation for Mental health Nurses (NMC, 2008). Nonetheless, there is exceptional circumstance where the person is unable to give consent but con...

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...ian does not exist.
In conclusion, both Mental and Children nursing should act professionally at all times. They should work within the guide line of the NMC code to patient confidentiality. The access to intimate personal information should not be abused but seen as a privilege, the ability for a patient to divulge this information all rest on trust that the information will be protected. These ultimately help diagnoses, protection of patient and move research forward while enhance therapeutic relationship.
Furthermore, Nurses should be able to identify and recognize what confidential data is and take practical measures to protect this information. They should take advantage of the policies and procedures to protection and dissemination of personal information. They should recognize that no one has automatic access to medical information with the patient consent.
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