American Nurses Code Of Ethics Essay

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Professional Code of Conduct for Nurses Chantel Findley Nova Southeastern University Professional Code of Conduct The classical term for the word ethics is, moral philosophies that rule an individual’s or group behavior or action. The American Nurses Association used ethics to write the Code of Ethics for Nurses with these values and visions in mind: “(1) As a statement of the ethical obligations and duties of every person who chooses to enter the profession of nursing. (2) To act as the nonnegotiable standard of ethics. (3) To serve as an expression of the understanding on nursing’s commitment to society.” (Nurses Code of Ethics, 2015). With our ever-changing society and healthcare, also comes changes to the American Nurses Association’s code of conduct as well. Nursing is one of the fastest growing professions in the world and the basics of nursing describes it as a career that focuses on, providing protection, education …show more content…

As an advocate for patients, their information is solely for helping the patient understand their condition more and making the best decisions on their behalf, while in cooperating their beliefs and values (Nurses Code of Ethics, 2015). This also includes not talking about patient’s information with other colleagues, family or friends, unless it’s work related. It’s just like with any other situation, would you mind if your best friend would causally tell your secrets to other local colleagues? It’s a form of disrespect and violation of personal space as an individual. As a nurse advocate for patient it’s also important to make sure you’re a voice as well, for the defenseless groups such as, children, elderly and the mentally ill. It’s vital as well for the nurse to spot and report any form of breachment in confidentiality or morally unjust actions. Being silent can be just as lethal as the one performing the

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