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1. Introduction: Whether it is marketing within franchised restaurants or major retail banks, marketing plays a large role in providing assistance for companies to reach goals such as high profit. Subway sandwiches, a world-wide franchised restaurant, uses marketing and marketing tools not only for increased sales but to create an image in the consumers mind. This essay will define and discuss positioning, as well as a case study on how the Subway franchise has positioned their product. As one cannot climb a mountain from the top, market segmentation and market targeting will be looked at in order for better understanding on positioning. 2. Market segmentation: Market segmentation allows marketers to easily categorise customers in order to identify target markets and products for certain types of customers. Elaborating on this, Pine, Peppers and Rogers (1995) mention that market segmentation is a set of broad characteristics that focus on a group of customers. Furthermore, Kotler (1988) states that segmentation is the act of separating a specific set of customers, that open up markets, with apparent needs, behaviours and characteristics that require specific products. With this being said, marketers use this foundation in order to build and gain more information to target certain markets. 3. Market targeting: Once segments of customers have been defined, marketers need to select and evaluate which segments will be worth targeting. Cui and Choudhury (2003) define market targeting as marketing a product to a segment of customers due to the magnetism, for example size or growth, of the group. Marketers are able to select segments using undifferentiated, differentiated and concentrated marketing. By ignoring segment differences ... ... middle of paper ... ... P.H. (1988). Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control. (6th ed.). Prentice-Hall: Englewood Cliffs. Pine, B.J., Peppers, D. & Rogers, M. (1995). Do you want to keep your customers?. Harvard Bussiness Review. March-April. pp. 103-104. Ries, A. & Trout, J. (1972). The positioning era cometh. Advertising Age. pp.35-38. Sinclair, S.A., & Stalling, E.C. (1990). Perceptual Mapping: A Tool for Industrial Marketing: A Case Study. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. 5(1). pp. 55 – 65. Subway Student Guide. (2010). The Student andEducator Resource Guide. Doctor’s Associates. Youngentrepreneur. (2011). Famous Marketing Quotes. Retrieved October, 03, 2011, from http://www.youngentrepreneur.com/forum/f38-marketing-and-pr/famous-marketing-quotes-36332.html

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