Comparison of Madonna and Lady Gaga

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Music is an inspirational outlet that can be used to convey a message to other people who relate to that message. Music can become even stronger when the person who is performing it is an inspirational source as well. For the past 30 years Madonna has become a well-known artist, actress, and role model to the people who support her. All artists know that they are only number one until someone else comes along and replaces them with more intriguing work to offer. Lady Gaga has been said to be the new Madonna of our generation and is quite often compared to her in many ways by her musical and styling choices. They both share similarities such as their musical genre, style, feminine empowerment, and their support towards the gay community. Their differences can also be seen in those same fields as well. On August 16, 1958 Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born in the world. Madonna is the third of six children as well as the middle child. She was somewhat “the sissy of the family” and she would often use her feminine wittiness to get her way (A&E Biography 2011). Madonna was raised in a devoted Catholic family and attended the Sacred Heart School through her academic years. Her talent for dancing enabled her to graduate high school a semester early and then attend the University of Michigan on a full dance scholarship. Madonna soon dropped out of college and moved to New York to further her dance career. In order to pay for rent, Madonna worked a string of odd jobs that include modeling nude, working at the Russian Tea Room, and performing at the American Dance Center. While working at these jobs, Madonna also began to pursue her music career by forming several bands and then deciding to go solo once she met Camille Barbone of ... ... middle of paper ... ...hat do not judge or hate people who are different from the average Joe. There is no doubt about it that both of these women are incredible icons to many people and that in fact they do have a lot of similarities; but they also have their differences which make them more appealing to all sorts of diverse people. Works Cited Aswad, Jem. "Madonna Says She's 'Very Flattered' By Lady Gaga Comparisons - Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV." New Music Videos, Reality TV Shows, Celebrity News, Top Stories | MTV. 14 Sept. 2009. Web. 20 Mar. 2011. . "Lady Gaga Biography." Web. 20 Mar. 2011. . "Madonna Biography." Web. 20 Mar. 2011. .

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