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Lady Gaga is a singer, songwriter that has recently reached superstar status. Her footprint began within the music industry in 2008 and since then, she has become a household name. However, music is not the only entity that makes Lady Gaga a household name. Because her artistic nature goes beyond creating music, brands have sought her creative talent. She had a hand in designing headphones created by a legendary artist and producer (France, 2009), and has designed Polaroid Products like camera glasses and an instant digital camera ("Lady gaga named," 2010). Lady Gaga also has a brand partnership with mobile telephone network operator, Virgin Mobile and is a contributor to the MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam advertising campaign (Vena, 2010). To further assist with accelerating Lady Gaga’s brand, her team decided to take advantage of technological advances in communication. Lady Gaga’s team leveraged her social media presence by creating pages on two popular social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. This resulted in her becoming the most popular living person on Facebook with almost 11 million fans (Silverman, 2010). Lady Gaga’s unique style and jaw-dropping vocals enamored the music industry. Her success depicts sold out concerts and five number one singles. Troy Carter, her manager, senses growth was due to pursuing a solo tour, which allowed her to connect with live audiences while promoting her new album. At the end of 2009, Part I of the Monster Ball Tour kicked off. By January 2010, Lady Gaga was $$3 million in debt (Fry, 2011). Moving forward, Carter did not want to continue the decline in securing financial success and decided to launch a global tour less than a month later, which would serve as Part II of the Monster Ball T... ... middle of paper ... ...ty-line-e Prendergast, G., Ko, D., & Siu Yin V., Y. (2010). Online word of mouth and consumer purchase intentions. International Journal Of Advertising, 29(5), 687-708 Silverman, S. M. (2010, July 6). Lady gaga has more friends than you-and the president. People.com. Retrieved from www.people.com/people/article/0,20399619,00.html Thompson, C. J., Rindfleisch, A., & Arsel, Z. (2006). Emotional branding and the strategic value of the doppelgänger brand image. Journal of Marketing, 70(1), 50-64. Vena, J. (2010, February 8). Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper pucker up for mac's viva glam lipstick. MTV.com. Retrieved from www.mtv.com/news/articles/1631464/lady-gaga-cyndi- lauper-pucker-up-macs-viva-glam-lipstick.jhtml Wiles, M. A., & Danielova, A. (2009). The worth of product placement in successful films: An event study analysis. Journal of Marketing, 73(four), 44-63.

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