Madonna: A Feminist and an Entertainer

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Madonna is a controversial legend whose attitudes and opinions on sexuality have forced the public to take notice and change the image of females in society. Madonna believed women’s sexuality was a natural aspect of life; therefore, she dared to challenge the rules and definitions of femininity and sought to expand the meaning of it. In a male dominated world, she wanted to focus on the importance of women and let them have a voice of their own. Madonna shattered all the myths on traditional beauty standards and made her statement on sexuality and feminism, which changed how society viewed the standards of beauty. She impacted female power by encouraging sex- positivity into her music and her style. It is mainly because of Madonna that ordinary women, and women in modern entertainment have more choices and freedom which continues to influence further generations.
In the early 1980’s, women were not supposed to be open-minded or even allowed to have such sexual thoughts that Madonna inspired. Women were expected to be traditional and keep their femininity behind closed doors. When Madonna first came into the entertainment business, it was a complete shock for everyone. No one could believe a woman was capable of being a sex symbol in public. It was not Madonna’s fault that she was simply a desirable creature to everyone (Allen 5). In today’s youth, people are used to watching television and music videos since a young age. We learn from the media and it helps us to comprehend the representations that it is giving of society. Madonna became the main subject of the media and society. Since, celebrities are always focused on by the media; they have the power to impact society by showing their perspective of thoughts and images. Accord...

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...l always be considered a legendary woman in people’s eyes.
Madonna has been a powerful woman that changed cultural, fashion, and social trends. She just may be the most iconic and influential woman the world has seen. She manipulated her position as a leading celebrity and proved women can be beautiful, sexual, and in complete control of their lives. Her opinions and attitudes on sexuality and feminism changed the way the traditional standards of beauty worked. There are no standards of beauty but what an individual finds beautiful. Madonna helped classify a modern woman as an independent and sexual being. She fought to give women more choices and freedom and become more confident about themselves. Madonna made it possible for a woman to be in complete charge of her sexuality and womanhood. Today, a woman is not defined by her beauty but by her attitude and style.

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