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In this term paper I will be comparing and contrasting Buddhism and Hinduism. Comparing both Hinduism belief, sacred text and overall view of how the world SHOULD be. Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the most influential and complex religions around the world. Both religions have similar philosophies and originated in India before 500 B.C. Both are among the top five major religions being practiced in today’s world. Hinduism ranks as the third most popular organized religion and is much older than Buddhism. Buddhism is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, or Lord Buddha, who considered himself a Hindu before being called to his path and attaining enlightenment, and therefore given this fact, it follows that Buddhism share many similarities and some very distinct differences in certain doctrinal sacred texts, ideals, practices, and beliefs of Hinduism.
Buddhism and Hinduism share vast similarities. One being both the practice of meditation. Hinduism has “no single founder” (Hinduism, Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition), no central authority, and no widely known creed. However, Hinduism does have a caste system that they run on. Hindus believe that everyone has their place in the world and they cannot overstep their roles and responsibilities outlined in their caste. Hindus also follow the “Veda as the most sacred scriptures.”(Hinduism, Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition). Due to this commonality it has helped Hindus and Buddhists come to recognize each other and remain cordial to one another. Which is pivotal since both religions are practiced so close to one another (at least geographically speaking). The “caste system” (Hinduism." Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition...

... middle of paper ... religions to adopt a key factor that these two religions live by, “Treat others the way you SHOULD treat them, not the way you think you need to treat them”. Even if I did have a critique, I don’t think my 25 years of life warrants any notice compared to two religions that have been around for centuries. Hinduism and Buddhism has really opened my eyes to how different some religions are compared to the one I practice. Where, Christianity focuses on themselves and how to get themselves into their ultimate goal, and in these two religions they are taught to focus on everything BUT themselves in order to reach their Nirvana. I believe that these two religions are the most sincere and emotional religions I have ever read about, and it makes my heart swell knowing that there are still religions and people that practice these religions that haven’t lost their roots.

In this essay, the author

  • Compares and contrasting buddhism and hinduism. both religions have similar philosophies and originated in india before 500 b.c.
  • Explains that buddhism and hinduism share vast similarities, such as the practice of meditation and the caste system.
  • Explains that buddhism and hinduism are similar in many ways and have had a great influence on one another throughout the centuries.
  • Explains that buddhism and hinduism share some commonalities on the concept of rebirths, but differ greatly over what they believe to be the importance of each other's sacred texts.
  • Explains that hinduism and buddhism accept the pan-indian presupposition of samsara, in which living beings are trapped in a continual cycle of birth-and-death.
  • Compares buddhism and hinduism. both religions have an ultimate goal of reaching the end of life through enlightenment or karma, but they still rely on ethics to get there.
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