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“Flung leagues of roaring foam into the gorge below us, as far as the eye could see.” By using hyperbole, the author is lead the reader to the overall idea of the poem. “Cyrano de Bergerac” and “O’were I Loved as I desire to be”, use these devices to demonstrate the main theme of love isn’t as easy as it seems. The authors are able to create such emotional works by incorporating metaphors and other literary devices. With the use of metaphors, both authors express a similar emotion and theme: what it feels like not to be loved. In the book “Cyrano de Bergerac” Cyrano says, “That blossom in my heart, I’ll fling to you armfuls of loose bloom! Love, I love beyond breath, beyond reason, beyond loves own power of loving,” He is trying to express his love, and explain to Roxanne that even though he doesn’t have much he will always be able to gift her his love and affection. This is similar to the poem where it says, “O’were I loved as I desire to be,” Showing that the speaking is longing for the love of someone that he cannot have or be with. These quotes express the same theme of loving, and wanting to be with somebody who is simply unattainable to them. …show more content…

However Tennyson uses imagery to show that love hold power. For instance Cyrano says, “holding my arm so and smiling.” He is trying to tell his friend Christian how happy he would be if he were in a relationship with Roxanne. On the other hand the poem says, “Apart upon a mountain, through the surge of some new deluge from a thousand hills.” This line is explaining that when you are in love you will have the ultimate power, while the novel is trying to show the emotions that go along with being in love. Rostand is able to paint a picture in your head by using imagery to explain the emotions that you go through when you are in a

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  • Analyzes how hyperbole leads the reader to the overall idea of the poem. "cyrano de bergerac" and "o'were i loved as i desire to be" demonstrate the main theme of love isn't as easy as it seems.
  • Analyzes how cyrano de bergerac expresses his love to roxanne, explaining that he will always be able to gift her love and affection. both authors use metaphors to express the theme of not being loved.
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