Courtly Love Essay

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Courtly Love

The poem that I chose to do about love in this time period is called “Courtly Love” by Bernard de Ventadorn. It's basically about a character missing their girlfriend or wife because he or she is stuck in prison. This poem compares with my topic in many ways because love is a strong feeling between two living things and the character shows this feeling throughout the poem. In the first stanza of the poem, it's about this character missing his or her partner because he or she is locked up in a prison and that’s the character loves their partner so much that in line 4 the protagonist says, they miss their partner and that without seeing them they are suffering. In line 9 in the second stanza it states “This love wounds my heart”, …show more content…

Then later he questions himself what is love, then he wants a kiss.This poem is a comparison to my topic and in many different ways, such as expressing the main characters love to the girl that he loves. One comparison is in line 2 and this is really saying that the girl that he loves has a true love coming for her and that the true love is him. Another example that the poem compares to my topic about love is in line 5 when it says journeys end in lovers meeting. This can relate to love because love can be a person meeting up with someone for the first time and fall in love instantly. In line 5 “Journeys end in lovers meeting”, this can be when the character meets with his loved one in the journey he went through will end because once they meet with each other they will fall in love. The contrast in this poem is that love is between two people, who have a strong feeling with each other. In this case, it’s really just the guy who is saying that he's the true love, he's the one in love, and there's no evidence of what the girl wants or how she feels. This poem is written in literally because the poem is straightforward and understandable. But also the poem is positive because of the character and the one he loves not to get into

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