Compare And Contrast Cbt And Rebt

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Therapy is out there for people who want and need it. It is a form to better oneself. There are many different types of treatment for various ailments. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy (REBT) are medicines that treat people with mental health problems and addictions. REBT challenges the very basic beliefs and thoughts of the individual. REBT is a better therapy method then CBT for substance abuse. In most cases, REBT changes the way people think and act. It alters the way people think; their cognitive process and behaviors. REBT assists in making people live a healthy life by making healthy decisions. Rational Emotion Behavioral Therapy is a form of cognitive behavior that changes irrational beliefs…show more content…
"I must do well and win the approval of others or, else I am no good.” This thought contributes to feelings of anxiety, depression, and worthlessness. “I want others to treat me fairly and kindly in the same way that others want to be treated.” This "must" of irrational thinking contributes to feelings of anger, rage, and fury. Next common core of irrational belief is: “I want something I get it. I must never get what I don't want. If I don't get what I want. I'm miserable." Which results in feelings of frustration, discomfort, and procrastination. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy teaches the client that the common core of irrational belief or “musts” are common in negative emotions. To change the way we think and feel. Therapists assist the client in questioning the irrational belief or “must”. After questioning and challenging the negative thoughts. Effective and positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are recognized, and the “musts” are not the only way to…show more content…
He believed that our responses to events determine our mood and addictions. Those addictions are a problem of irrational thinking. Irrational thinking is negative thinking and that they are automatic. Beck believed that behaviors could become unlearned. That people can be conditioned to remove the irrational behavior. Two types of thinking that Beck identified 1) surface cognitive; thoughts that we are aware consciously. The second would be cognitive schema; unconscious beliefs and how the world influences it. (Bennett, 2011)When people experience stressful situations, negative emotions come out. Those negative emotions activate thoughts that we are aware of which then leads to the path of addiction. The goal for CBT is to change the irrational thinking; how the client thinks about themselves along with their feelings. It is also good for people with depression, anxiety, and other mental
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