Community Service In High School

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In order to be successful in school, there should be a minimum requirement for high school students to do four hours of community service a week. Community service not only benefits students when looking for scholarships, but also helps apply what they learn in school to the real world. Volunteering helps students expand and practice on skills they have learned in school such as leadership and teamwork. Students who do community service learn to develop leadership skills as well as teamwork skills and this allows them to succeed not only in school, but also in careers and more community involvements. Participating in community service also helps students learn how to solve problems on their own because it is a real life experience. Volunteering helps students be successful in school because it builds a sense of responsibility, confidence, and helps students with scholarships to succeed for their future. I myself, for example, am a high school student who has done volunteer work at the public library. …show more content…

What I once thought was an impossible job, organizing so many books, people helped me understand the work process which made me gain self-confidence that I was able to produce in my work. Part of that confidence was also a sense of pride because I was responsible for placing books onto the shelves that many people come to read. Now that I have done my volunteer work, when I apply for scholarships and colleges, I can mention my volunteer experience and the hours I did. Although many students would rather spend four hours of their lives doing something else, those who do community service work will learn to use important characteristics such as, confidence, sense of responsibility, and scholarships, that will help them be successful not only in school, but also in future careers and

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