Communication Is The Cornerstone Of The Nurse-Patient Case Study

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Failing to Report; Right or Wrong? Recognizing that communication is the cornerstone of the nurse-patient relationship, an argument can be made that nurses must be truthful in order to communicate effectively with their patient; violating that principle shows a lack of respect for themselves as well at the patient (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014, p 73). Knowing this information nurses and patients alike can either choose to trust their health care professional or not. Once the patient determines that the health care provider can be trusted they are more willing to share intimate details that may otherwise never be divulged. Trust and responsibility are the reasons regardless of the situation that nurses must advocate for the patients they are caring for and promote wellness. Patients must feel that their confidentiality is intact and that their rights should be respected a major ethical principle.
Case Presentation In the case study presented regarding the best choice for Lora the following ethical issues are being presented; respect for persons, respect for autonomy,
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According, Geffner, Igelman, and Zellner they write that “ it is doubtful that child abuse victims can recuperate and regain their developmental stride simply by stopping the abuse; remedial interventions need to systemically address specific vulnerability and abuse” (Geffner, Igelman, &Zellenr, 2013, p. 206). It is my opinion, in this case that Lora’s autonomy, although important, does not outweigh the responsibility to report the abuse because failure to do so on the nurse’s part can allow for the next abuse to be detrimental and even homicidal. Lora’s safety must be the priority and the law enforcement can further follow the situation to prevent Lora from continuing to be abused. A good health care provider should always provide good, quality, and safe care for all clients the come

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