Communication And Communication: The Importance Of Communication In Business

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Communication in business means for someone to be open about thoughts or ideas to contribute to the overall success. Thinking of what the overall mission or objective is within the company helps to understand what to communicate and when to communicate to others. Communication that is maintained with others with enable one to work closely with other team members to give clear feedback and work towards goals that are intended. Being able to work productively as a team helps with productivity. It gives success to a project or the quality of work that is produced. Teams can withstand a lot of defects or problems more efficiently than if it was one person. Team work involves setting clear goals for everyone. Making sure that everyone knows what…show more content…
Psychology defines communication with descriptive words such as the nature, rules, origin, and purpose. Communication is needed in many different areas of life. Communication is best understood by viewing as channels available for people to transmit (person talking) and receive (person listening). Communication can be broken down through terms such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology. Psychologist have now grown to understand human communication in relation to other species. To better understand human communication psychologist have taken approaches that deal with other animals to help understand why communication is so important. According to Ellis and Beattie (1986) communication in the natural world gives examples by looking at monkeys and apes. Information show that monkeys and apes give different calls to different predators. One call is given when seeing a snake, leopard, and eagles. If the recording of the call warning that an eagle is here monkeys or apes will look up. Ellis and Beattie’s research has also mentioned that young monkeys apparently have to learn these different callings along the way. Communication benefits the monkeys and apes by giving them an awareness of their surroundings, their social interactions, and by giving them information about the other members in their group (p.…show more content…
In most social interactions the face and eyes specifically are the areas that people concentrate on. The face is an exceptional source when it comes to communication, and some people have come to control the way they communicate simply by using facial expressions to convey messages. It is information in body language that exchanges ideas, feelings, intentions, and expectations between two or more people. Body language requires a sender and a receiver of that message. Commonly it helps to achieve an overall idea or thought that someone might have. It is a process to exchange information from one person to another. There are many ways in which to preform body language. Some examples are oral communication, business communication, written communication, and nonverbal

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