Business Communication: The Power Of Communication In Business

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In this paper I would like to discuss a very powerful topic in not only the business, but in

our everyday lives. However, in the business world this is an absolute must to be paying attention to at all times. I will share with you throughout this paper some written material that I

have read as well as some experiences I have had. First let’s look at my title. “The Power of

Communication.” There is a difference that I will be explaining to the best of my ability

according to my understanding in this particular area. I will start out by asking a very important

question. What is communication?

What is communication?

The dictionary defines communication as: “the act or process of using words, sounds,

signs, or behaviors …show more content…

With our

families we have many forms of communication that we use. The importance of it will depend on

how and what it is that we are doing. If we are communicating with our children then we need to

be very clear and concise. Otherwise there is something called misinterpretation or

miscommunication. This could be very detrimental to the growth of the child’s behavior or

feelings in the area of human nature. Thus looking at nature vs. nurture. That is a whole other

topic in itself. We won’t go there today. We also have communication outside of our family unit.

This is either social with friends or it is in business with our colleagues. I also do not what to get

too much into social communication, although it does play a huge role in our professional life.

Just as with a child or with your social life, if you do not establish the parameters of the level of

communication that you will maintain, there could be irrefutable damages to the nature of the

topic. So, let’s take this discussion a little bit further down the road, looking at a couple of more

items of importance, again, depending on who my audience is. Let us get back to my topic

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