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Defining Communication: An Unintentional and Intentional Act
Largely speaking there are many types of communication, consequently it makes it difficult to construct a definition that can fit to all types. Nevertheless, definitions should be understood as a surface description to the subject. Each species has their own form of communication and within that communication there is the potential for subcategories depending on its complexity. Obvious recognition of this is between human communication and those of other species. For the purpose of this paper, discussion and definition is directed toward human communication, i.e. everyday communication. Since communication is a newborn field of study the definition has taken many different meanings
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In our understanding of unintentional communication, it is important to note that nonverbal communication is not equivalent to unintentional communication. Broadly speaking nonverbal communication refers to communication effected by means other than words (Knapp 2009). Nonverbal communication functions only with no words while unintentional communication must include verbal exchange. According to Professor Gladys Knott (1979), author of Nonverbal Communication During Early Childhood, “nonverbal communication serves three functions: substituting, complementing, and supportive function” (p. 229). If we consider the function of unintentional communication it is not to support, complement, or substitute because it is unintended. However, unintentional behavior can be considered nonverbal communication. This brings up the question how then does unintentional behavior differ from unintentional…show more content…
This is common when different languages are present. Another instance is in the expression “what I said is not what I meant”. This is considered unintentional communication because the words we use to describe ideas, experiences, emotions, etc. are not always understood by the receiver. In this case the interpretation of the receiver was done unintentionally by the sender. When the sender exchanged meaning they believed the receiver would know the message. Though we may desire, people are not capable of reading minds which ensures miscommunication is inevitable. It is not possible to participate in verbal communication without the component of unintended communication. With this support communication cannot not only be defined has solely being intentional but also

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