Communication And Business: The Importance Of Communication In Business

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3.0 Communication in Business
According to a survey done by CPA Horizons (Douglas, et al., 2014) among the accounting professionals, it showed that communication skills had the mean score of 6.48 out of 7. This has confirmed the importance of communication skills in accounting and other fields as well. Thus, all business professionals are required to equip an appropriate communication in order to accomplish their climax in business fields (Nistorescu, 2012).

3.1 Role of Communication
Communication in business is substantial in contribution of a successful business or professional career. Additionally, language in business has to be precise and specific, clear, coherent and concise. The words used are generally emotionless, as business is rational …show more content…

As in business organizations, a number of sources have reported that to achieve career success and organizational success, communication skills are a significant contributor (Du-Babcock, 2006; Roebuck, 2001; Certo 2000; Dilenshcneider, 1992; Rushkoff, 1999, cited in Conrad and Newberry, 2011). Moreover, businesses’ awareness of the need in using these skills has increase due to the intense global competition in order to increase productivity, profitability and organizational relationships (Conrad and Newberry, …show more content…

Additionally, The National Commission’s study (2004 cited in Conrad and Newberry, 2011) reported that a vast majority of firms when considering hiring or promoting, the writing skills of recent graduates were generally considered unsatisfactory. Thus, to achieve a successful career, employees have to concentrate in their development in communication skills.
However, regarding other primary communication skill, oral communication was one of the top three capability needed to succeed in a managerial position (Maes, Weldy and Iceogle, 1997 cited in Conrad and Newberry, 2011). Based on a study by Brink and Costigan (2015), it showed that 76% of schools agreed that presenting is most significant oral communication skills in workplace as presenting skill is highly valued in business field. It is highly needed to present their ideas clearly in order to attract and convince their targeted groups to invest in their plans or programs. Moreover, excellent presenting skill is needed in speeches to convey important messages to the employers or clients. Thus, writing skill and oral skill are both essential in personal career in order to succeed in

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